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Hand Crafted Watch Rolls

Hand Crafted Watch Rolls

August 01, 2021

This watch roll was developed after months of researching, designing and prototyping. It took us 9 months and 5 prototypes before we decided to roll this out.

Each roll is hand crafted with distress calf leather and clad in suede interior, in 2 different colours.

The hexagon construction consists of 6 flaps that is clad with a cushioned suede interior to ensure your watches are well supported.


The roll features "E" shaped cushions that can be compressed to fit small wrist watches with a slide function that allows for easy insert/removal.

There is also an additional slot above placed at an angle that allows you to display your watches at home or at a watch gathering.

Additional, the roll has another slot so you can display your watches and use the opened flaps as a tray to hold other valuables. 


As each watch roll was hand made individually, imperfections may be expected. That said, we strive in our philosophy of continuous innovation and improvement and welcome feedback so we can create the ultimate watch roll for you, by you.


  • Cushion fits up to 55mm in width including crown
  • Watch roll is 90mm by 220mm