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where passion means mechanical...

It started with a horological interest that began in 2009. This passion quickly grew into an idea to search for the perfect winding machine to keep our timepieces ticking. In 2011, our journey begun. Across the years, we have researched and explored through the watch winding market. As horology aficionados ourselves, our quest for quality and reliable watch winders to keep our timepieces well wounded is pivotal.

Since 2011 to date, we have tested and redesigned our winders to be not only reliable, but also to touch other aspects such as space efficiency. We have redesigned cup holders and cushions to fit all wrist sizes, optimize motor usage with dual holder designs, higher doors to fit thicker watches, individual turn settings and door sensors, just to name a few.

We have always functioned on word of mouth and referrals since the early days. In 2016, we decided to put an identity to our service. A site where our consumers can visit, a site where we can share interesting posts related to the horological world, a site where we can stamp our presence.

We pride ourselves in our services and quality. All our winders uses high quality Mabuchi motors which comes with 1 year of warranty. Our service does not stop there. We provide after warranty services as well, including repairs. We are always looking to provide the most innovative and creative solutions to your winding needs!