Our Journey in Watch Winding

June 16, 2018

When we begun our journey in Watch winding in 2011, we explored different models in the market. We tore each open and learnt the works of it through self-learning. Soon, we learnt the main components of a Winder and applied it throughout with simple models. 


After a couple of years, we realized that Watch Winders is much more than just the winding function. It comprises of a major component often overlooked, design. The design comprises of different aspects of the Winder. We had to break it down into size, ergonomics, functionality and materials. Plus, we had to factor in the change in the luxury watch industry. With the rapid changes of trend, we saw an influx of large timepieces such as the ever popular 47mm Luminor Panerai, 46mm Bell & Rosses, 44mm Audemars Piguet Novelty, 50mm Richard Milles and even the 48mm Hublot King Power. These factors have affected the Watch cushion and cushion holders sizing. Many reliable older models become less relavent with this evolution. 

We also picked up from our customers’ feedback, which are the most important. This saw the introduction of memory foam cushions and smaller cup holder designs to accommodate different Watch sizes and reserve the strap from contact. It also enabled the entire Winder to be approximately 15% smaller in width. 

While these helped resolved many issues, PU leather did not do well in Singapore’s humidity. We had to upgrade it to velvet, and then to suede as velvet is a dust magnet. We even improved the material used on the cushion holders so it will remain resislient even after long and harsh usage. 

Till date, we are still continuous trying to find ways to improve and integrate new Winder tech in our products. If you have any feedback, even if you’re not our existing customer, drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you! Your advice would help us develop the ultimate Watch Winder for your timepieces! 





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