The truth about shipping your winder

September 13, 2018

If you are reading this, you probably have done your thorough research (or are in the process of it) on the different options of Watch Winders in the market. You've probably compared design, function, cost, brand and support. Cost, being arguable the most important factor in any of our decision making. While you have the cost of the winder itself, you'll probably have to factor in shipping and tax (if the winder is not available within your country). This is where it gets confusing for most people. So we will clear some doubts, hopefully.


Many sites with winders do not put the shipping cost until you try to checkout, reason being that they have to tabulate the factors that affect the cost. Factors affecting the costs are:

1. Size of watch winder (sizes of most watch winders are not anywhere close to small!)

2. Location of delivery (for obvious reasons)

3. Tax (very tricky and ambiguous even for us)


1. Size of watch winder

Since most winders are really large, plus you have to factor in the packaging since winders come with well protected shipping boxes. Most of them can weigh from as light as 3kg to 15kg depending on the capacity (we are not talking about safe winders here). Thus, shipping these winders are hefty not only in weight, but price! Plus, most brands use air freights which are much faster and safer (but also much more expensive). 

Our 9+0 Grey Watch Winder (one of the biggest and heaviest we have!) 


2. Location

Most brands can ship to anywhere, as long as you're willing to pay the price! Prices can range as low as $40 to $500, highly depending on weight and distance. This is a given factor that should be very understandable.


3. Tax

Trickiest and toughest of the lot. Every country has its own taxable rule. Importantly, each country has a tax tolerance in which your purchase will be taxed depending on the value of it. Some countries have a higher tolerance. Fall below that value, and its tax free. Most times, brands do not commit to covering this in your purchase (you are liable for the tax on your receiving end).



With all these, you'll probably still want to know an estimate. So let's take a simple example. An average of 6kg Watch Winder to be shipped from Singapore to Malaysia would have an estimated shipping rate of $60 that will reach in 2-3 working days time (usually faster). $100 would probably get it to you between 1-2 working days. Now this is one of the shortest route yet the price is already pretty hefty. 


Verdict is, you got to account for this large shipping cost verses what you already have within your country. 


For us at Windomatic, we ship locally free (we absorb the cost). For other countries, we subsidize the rates to make it more affordable to you! From as long as $10 to Malaysia and $15 to Indonesia (depending on weight). For other countries, you can always speak to us and we will work out a reasonable rate for you because we understand!

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