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The New Combination Watch Winder

August 4, 2019

We will progressively start to introduce new watch winders through our blog as a way to keep you informed on what you are looking at and whether it would fit your needs.


Today, we introduce the new 7+0 Combination Watch Winder. It is the first time we have introduced a watch winder that has a combination of 2 kinds of watch holders. The different holders can cater to your different watch requirements in your collection. Below you can see the 2 rows of holders.


The top row are singular holders, meaning 1 motor attached to 1 holder. These are good for watches that have individually specific winding settings (if you are particular about the settings too). Usually perpetual calendars and similar complications are good for these. 


The bottom row are dual holders attached to 1 motor. These are great for most watches as usually most watches require similar settings and thus, can share 1 setting. These are also good for watches like Hublot or Audemars Piguet as their lugs then to be rigid and wide, making it difficult to fit into smaller holders. These dual holders have open ended ends, so it can accommodate almost any watch!


Furthermore, you can swap your watches between the 2 sets of holders depending on your preference anytime.


 The controls of this winder are at the back. It can run on both AC adaptor or batteries (2 D size batteries). The big black switch is the on/off button, small red switch is the LED lights and the small black switch below it is the door sensor.


The motors can be controlled via 2 knobs, 1 controls the TPD settings (650-1950 TPD) which the other controls the direction (3 directions). These settings are sufficient to accommodate almost all watches.


 The winder stands in an upright position, which save space in comparison to the usual winders your find the market. Its outward swinging doors allow you to place it in shelves or narrow height restricted spaces. 


This winder comes with 1 year warranty by us and free delivery within Singapore. We only have these in limited quantity.


Do drop us a text or email should you have further questions! Have a great weekend ahead!


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