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8+0 Windomatic Watch Winder (Emerald Green Edition)

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LIMITED! The all new 8+0 Windomatic Watch Winder is back and limited! This winder features a completely new innovative holder that can either hold 1 or 2 watches on a singular holder. This gives you the flexibility to rotate your watches. Plus! It comes in a special black wood grain colour!


  1. Black wood finish 
  2. Beautiful grey suede interior
  3. 2 innovative watch holders
  4. 5 turns per day (TPD) with 3 different directional settings
  5. Door sensor (motor start/stop)
  6. In-built battery compartment
  7. Lock
  8. Mabuchi motors


28 x 24 x 29 cm

All our winders come with 1 year warranty by us