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6+6 Caliber Watch Winder

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The newest and most advance winder we have yet! From a completely new "click in and out” watch holder, to a sophisticated touch screen that has a wide array of controls to suit for your every need. Be captivated by the 48 ambiance colour light variation options encompassing each watch holder. 


  1. Beautiful black velvet interior
  2. Individual granular TPD controls with increments of 50 TPD ranging from 300 to 2300 TPD
  3. New LCD touch screen display
  4. Added “new watch” feature to kickstart unwound watches 
  5. 48 color LED ambience light controls
  6. Unique click in and out watch holders to slots with spring-hold holders to reduce tension on your bracelets 
  7. Mabuchi Motor
  8. Biometric Fingerprint Lock
  9. Additional slots with ringer holders with lock


38 x 20 x 41.5 cm

All our winders come with 1 year warranty by us